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Getting free car insurance quotes can drive a normal person crazy. Many companies give you the run around in order to make it difficult for you to compare their prices with others. These general tips can help get you the free car insurance quotes that you are looking for.

Free Car Insurance Quote Tips

1. Keep your state in mind when looking at free car insurance quotes. Many states have a state mandated minimum. If you keep this minimum in mind when you are looking for free car insurance quotes, then you may find that you can find cheaper quotes than before.

2. If you just use your car to commute, be sure to mention that in your free car insurance quote application. Many companies will give lower rates to people who don't drive as much. By keeping this in mind, when you are shopping around with your free car insurance quotes, you may find that the quotes are lower.

3. Many free car insurance quotes can adjust the deductible. When you can alter your deductible you can opt for a higher one that will give you lower monthly rates. These free car insurance quotes will tend to be lower, but you should keep in mind that if you are in an accident then you would have a higher obligation out of pocket.

4. One trick to getting better car insurance quotes is to be sure to list the various safety features of your car. If you have safety features such as air bags, or automatic seat belts, you will find that the free car insurance quotes will often times come up with lower rates.

5. Use the Internet as a resource. The Internet will allow you to rapidly check many companies for free auto insurance quotes. This will allow you to quickly shop around to find the best free auto insurance quotes around.

On the Internet you can find many free car insurance quotes. These car insurance websites will oftentimes start by asking you for your zip code. This is so the site can quickly find you the free car insurance quotes that are relevant to your area. Hopefully these tips will help you get the free car insurance quotes that you are looking for.

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